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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

20th January 2020 

Mere punditry is of no use at all; the Vedas, the Upanishads and the scriptures are doctrines for living out in daily practice. Without this practice, whatever be the wealth of words or the standard of scholarship, it is all a colossal waste. To bring these teachings into one’s actual life, one has to scotch the feeling “I know”, open one’s eyes to the real essence, and introspect on it. Then one can attain bliss, without fail. The almanac might indicate that it will rain ten units of water, but even if the calendar is folded ten times and squeezed, not a drop of water can be extracted. The purpose of the calendar is not to give rain but only to give information about it. So too, the scriptures can give only information about doctrines, axioms, rules, regulations, and duties. They give instruction in the methods of attaining peace and liberation. But they aren’t saturated with these essences of bliss. One has to discover the path, direction, and goal as described in them; then, one has to tread the path, follow the direction, and reach the goal. (Prema Vahini, Ch 16)