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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

2nd January 2022 

Your troubles are often self-created. If you develop firm faith in God and surrender to His Will, He will not fail you. This is the concept of Sharanagati (submission to the Will of the Divine). The bliss that can be derived from this surrender to God cannot be got through any other means. Regard whatever happens to you as something intended for your good. Discover the bliss that can be derived from trials and tribulations. It is during their exile in the forest for twelve years that the devotion of the Pandavas developed to the highest degree. It is not a sign of true devotion to expect that life should be one unbroken chain of happiness and comfort. Is that true happiness at all? Thyagaraja asked whether happiness lay in the possession of wealth or in the service of the Lord. He found no joy in the acquisition of wealth. He experienced the greatest joy in recognising the omnipresence of the Lord. Similarly, all devotees should be conscious of the immanence of God in everything and carry on their daily duties as a consecration to the Divine! - Divine Discourse, Jul 14, 1984.