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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

19th January 2020 

A person who is a genuine vehicle of power can be recognised by the characteristics of truth, kindness, love, patience, forbearance and gratefulness. Wherever these reside, ego (ahamkara) cannot subsist; it has no place. Therefore seek to develop these virtues. The effulgence of the Divine Self (Atma) is obscured by ego. Therefore when ego is destroyed, all troubles end, all discontents vanish and bliss is attained. Just as the sun is obscured by mist, the feeling of ego hides eternal bliss. Even if the eyes are open, a piece of cloth or cardboard can prevent vision from functioning effectively and usefully. So too, the screen of selfishness prevents one from seeing God, who is, in fact, nearer than anyone and anything else in the Universe. (Prema Vahini, Ch 15)