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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

16th January 2020 

Worship (puja) is not merely plucking a flower and placing it on top of a beautiful image of God; do not forget the gardener who toiled to nurse the plant and gave the flower – remember, he is also a worshipper. Real spiritual wisdom (jnana) is true understanding, it is not merely an intellectual accomplishment. It is only when food is given, that the body can function. Even the acts preceding a sacrifice is an offering (yajna). One utilises the world to worship the Lord, to establish peace and justice in society, and to control and coordinate the functions of the body. All action done for the sake of these three goals is sacrifice. The first is called a sacrificial ritual (yajna); the second, charity (dana); the third, penance (tapas). All human acts, by everyone, anywhere in the world, must subserve these three needs! (Prema Vahini, Ch 12)