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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

14th January 2022 

Sankranti day marks the arrival in the farmer's houses of the grains which are the fruits of their labours. Sankranti is a holy festival for worldly achievement. It is also a cherished day of rest in the cool atmosphere. Man needs days of rest after a period of hard work. Only then one can enjoy peace of mind. Samyak kranti iti Sankranti (that which brings good change is Sankranti). Sankranthi confers peace and heralds a welcome change. It brings out the inner joy in people. It effects a change in lifestyle. It generates sacred thoughts. People today do not recognise these sacred changes. They are all immersed in worldly acquisitions and have no regard for higher things. They should instead seek every opportunity to cultivate good qualities. These good qualities are Utsaham, Sahasam, Dhairyam, Buddhi, Shakti, Parakramam (zeal, determination, courage, discrimination, ability and heroism). - Divine Discourse, Jan 14, 1997.