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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

13th January 2022 

The Sun's northward journey is a pointer to the path man should take to realise God. The Sun is the supreme example of selfless and tireless service. The world cannot survive without the Sun. Life on earth is possible only because of the Sun. The Sun teaches man the lesson of humble devotion to duty, without any conceit. The Sun is the supreme example for everyone that one should do one's duty with devotion and dedication. Doing one's duty is the greatest Yoga, as pointed out by Krishna in the Gita. Let your actions and thoughts be good. You will then experience the Bliss Divine. Sankranti is intended to bring about various changes in man's attitude so that one may sanctify one’s life. It is a festival not intended for Bharathiyas alone. Its message has a meaning for everyone in the world. It has a message for people of all climes, creeds and countries. - Divine Discourse, Jan 15, 1992.