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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

13th January 2021 

Man’s vision should not be confined solely to external objects and worldly things, which are transient and perishable. Man has been given this vision so that he may see the pure, sacred Divine Consciousness abiding in his heart. The northward motion of the Sun (Uttarayana) is the appropriate occasion for developing this inward vision. This is the royal road for the spiritual aspirant to realise the Supreme. From this day, the Sun wears a peaceful and pleasing aspect. It is not enough, therefore, merely to recognise the northward movement of the Sun in this period. Every effort should be made to direct the vision inwards towards the pure, sacred Indwelling Self. This is the period for cherishing sacred thoughts and performing holy deeds. The sages and seers of ancient times used to wait for the arrival of the Uttarayana to embark on their sacred tasks. (Divine Discourse, Jan 14, 1994)