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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

11th January 2022 

The tongue is the armour of the heart; it guards one's life. Loud talk, long talk, wild talk, talk full of anger and hate - all these affect the health of man. They breed anger and hate in others; they wound, they excite, they enrage, and they estrange. Why is silence said to be golden? The silent man has no enemies, though he may not have friends. He has the leisure and the chance to dive within himself and examine his own faults and failings. He has no more inclination to seek them in others. If your foot slips, you earn a fracture; if your tongue slips, you fracture someone’s faith or joy. That fracture can never be set right; that wound will fester forever. Therefore, use the tongue with great care. The softer you talk, the less you talk, and the sweeter you talk - the better for you and the world. - Divine Discourse, Mar 29, 1965.