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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

11th January 2021 

A true student is one who achieves excellence in the moral, social and spiritual fields. One should not strive for physical strength and happiness alone. One should strive hard for the control of the mind. One who becomes a slave to one’s mind is bound to become weak, however powerful one may be. So, you should make the mind your slave. The power of mind is matchless. It is from the mind that the most precious virtues originate. If wealth is lost, it can be earned again. If health is lost, it can be restored with the help of an efficient doctor. But if human values are lost, human life becomes a waste. Human values are the need of the hour. They cannot be acquired solely from sacred texts nor can they be passed on by learned preceptors. They originate from within. When we develop noble thoughts and follow the path of truth in our daily life, human values will blossom in us and protect us under all circumstances. (Divine Discourse, Jan 14, 2003)