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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

10th January 2022 

Whatever you learn or don’t learn, equip yourself with the strength that’s necessary to be virtuous, to resist temptation and lures of the objective world. Discrimination is not the cleverness that is given inordinate value today but the capacity to see things in their proper proportion, to evaluate the temporary and the lasting, the particular and universal, the shallow and the deep. You must also have an attitude of reverence towards the past, and also towards elders who are repositories of saintly spiritual wisdom as well as much needed experience that you have to acquire. Have faith — faith in your own essential Divinity, faith in higher values attainable by earnest practise and the exercise of detachment. Life becomes sweeter with a little dose of denial too; if you get all your desires, it begins to cloy. Deny yourselves many of the things your mind runs after, and you will find that you become tough enough to bear both good fortune and bad. - Divine Discourse, Sep 12, 1963.