The nature of mind is pure. Sensory impressions colour and soil it with likes and dislikes. The mind of the animal is unaffected by the many attachments and attractions, aversions and dislikes that hamper and haunt the human mind. The latent impressions (vasanas) warp the mind that is already bent by blows and buffetings suffered, birth after birth. There is no use laying all the blame on the mind. It is a mere watchman. Impress upon the watchman that the Lord is your master, then it will obey not only the Lord who is your master but even the Lord’s friends and companions. Join satsang and see whether the mind continues to be stubborn. It will not disobey you then. It is all about training; if the watchman comes to know that you are unrelated to the Lord, he will disobey you and take to his own misadventures! If you are on the Lord’s side, the watchman becomes your aide! (Divine Discourse, Oct 24, 1961)