If there is a boil on the body, we apply some ointment on it and cover it with a bandage until it completely heals. If you do not apply the ointment and tie the bandage around this boil, it is likely to become septic and cause great harm later on. Now and then we will have to clean it with pure water, apply the ointment again, and put on a new bandage. In the same way, in our life too there is this boil which has erupted in our body in the form of this feeling, 'I, I, I'. If you want to really cure this boil of this 'I', you must wash it every day with the waters of love, apply the ointment of faith on it and tie the bandage of humility around it. The bandage of humility, the ointment of faith, and the waters of love will be able to cure this disease that has erupted with this boil of 'I'. - Divine Discourse, Feb 17, 1985