From the 46 maxims of conduct: 32) Whatever you feel should not be done to you by others, avoid doing such to others. 33) For faults and sins committed in ignorance, repent sincerely and try not to repeat them. Pray to God to bless you with the strength and courage needed to stick to the right path. 34) Don’t allow anything to come near you that will destroy your eagerness and enthusiasm for God. Want of eagerness will cause the decay of the strength of people. 35) Don’t yield to cowardice; don’t give up bliss (ananda). 36) Don’t get swelled up when people praise you; don’t feel dejected when people blame you. 37) If anyone among your friends hates another and starts a quarrel, don’t attempt to inflame them more and make them hate each other more; instead, try with love and sympathy, to restore their former friendship. (Sandeha Nivarini, Ch 7)
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