From the 46 maxims of conduct: 16. Be always vigilant, without a moment’s carelessness, against the eight sins that the mind perpetrates: craving (kama), anger (krodha), greed (lobha), attachment (moha), impatience, hatred, egotism, and pride. One’s primary duty is to keep these things at a safe distance from oneself. 17. The mind speeds fast, pursuing wrong actions. Without letting it hurry like that, remember the name of the Lord at that time or attempt to do some good deed or other. Those who do thus will certainly become fit for the Lord’s grace. 18. First, give up the evil tendency to feel impatient at the prosperity of others and the desire to harm them. Be happy that others are happy. Sympathise with those who are in adversity and wish for their prosperity. That is the means of cultivating the love for God. 9. Patience is all the strength one needs. 20. Those anxious to live in joy must always be doing good. (Sandeha Nivarini, Ch 7)
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