From the 46 maxims of conduct: 10. Truth is the all-protecting God. There is no mightier guardian than truth. 11. The Lord, who is the embodiment of truth (Satya), grants His vision (darshan) to those of truthful speech and loving heart. 12. Have undiminished kindness toward all beings and also the spirit of self-sacrifice. 13. You must possess control of the senses, an unruffled character, and non-attachment. 14. Be always on the alert against the four sins that the tongue is prone to commit: (1) speaking falsehood, (2) speaking ill of others, (3) back-biting, and (4) talking too much. It is best to attempt to control these tendencies. 15. Try to prevent the five sins that the body commits: killing, adultery, theft, drinking intoxicants, and the eating of flesh. It is a great help for the highest life if these are kept as far away as possible. (Sandeha Nivarini, Ch 7)
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