Bliss (ananda) is the innate nature of all. But the pity is people are searching for it everywhere except where it is available. Bliss is not something lifeless and inactive. It is another name for purposeful living. Peace is the authority under which the rule of bliss prevails. It lays down limits and laws for all activities. It must be made so stable that it is unaffected by the ever-wandering mind or the outward-bound senses. It can be experienced, personally, only through natural state of wisdom. It is the most precious treasure. The one who grasps that which is deathless, that which cannot be destroyed, that which is not modified —that one is the enjoyer of peace and has no death. Peace is a shoreless ocean; it is the light that illumines the world. Having it is having all. It confers knowledge of both this world and that. It leads to the understanding of Brahman, the very fulfilment of human life! (Prashanthi Vahini, Ch 3)
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