The world is one vast society. Every individual in it is part of this society, bound to it by the love that draws man to man, to be kith and kin. This love is there, deep in the heart of man. Only, it is unrecognised, ignored, doubted, denied, and argued away. It is the secret source of all sympathy and service; it creates the urge to live in and for society. It is the Vishwa-Prema (universal love), that flows from one spark of the Divine to all sparks. When the eyes shine illumined by the highest wisdom, Jnana, they see all as the One. Man realises that Sarvam Brahmamayam Jagat (all that is apparently changing, transforming and moving is pervaded by God). To have this One revealed as in All, one has to develop faith and discipline the mind. The mind has to shed its fancies and foibles; the Truth has to be known and experienced. (Divine Discourse, Feb 4, 1973)
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