The discipline of the self is the basic foundation for successful living. Through that alone can one attain real and lasting peace. And, without peace, there can be no happiness. Peace is the very nature of the Atma. It coexists only with a pure heart; it is never associated with a greedy heart full of desires. Peace is the distinguishing mark of yogis, sages, and the wise. It will flee away from the selfish and the sensual. It hates the company of such persons. Peace is full of spiritual uplift and the wisdom that is the natural accompaniment of bliss. Genuine peace is won only by control of the senses. Then, it can be called supreme peace. The experience of that stage is the ‘Stream of Supreme Peace’ (Prasanthi Vahini). Peace is earned and maintained without disturbance by calming the mental agitation that surges like waves, and levelling the swirls and whirls of likes, dislikes, love, hate, sorrow, joy, hope, and despair. (Prashanthi Vahini, Ch 2)
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