Ignorance (maya) is like the ghost of a tribal woman, which once possessed a great pandit in a Himalayan hermitage. The unfortunate pandit sang and danced like any tribal damsel; he swore and cursed in the Paisachi (ghost) dialect, and everyone in the hermitage became ashamed of his company. At last, when the ghost was exorcised and the pandit was freed, he became his original self. He remembered nothing of his pranks and blabberings. Humanity is similarly possessed by the ghost of ignorance (maya). The ghost has to be driven out. The mode of exorcism of this ghost is taught by the Guru or the Gita. Do not despair; it can be driven out. Confidence adds the required courage and strength. Do not doubt or give vent to despair. It must happen whether you welcome it or not, whether you strive for it or not — that is your reason for taking birth, the goal you have to reach. You have not come to be a tool in the hands of a ghost. (Divine Discourse, Jul 17, 1962)
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