You must win the grace of God. When a person secures it, the individual soul will be released from identification with the body and can identify itself with the Atma. This consummation is referred to in the Vedas as “liberation from bonds” (bandha-vicchedana), or “release” (moksha). To battle against the tendency of body identification and win the grace of God as the only means of victory, spiritual exercises have been laid down, such as philosophical inquiry, as well as sense control (dama) and other disciplines of the six-fold spiritual discipline. Their practice will ensure the purification of the consciousness; it will then become like a clean mirror that can reflect the object, and the Atma will stand revealed clearly. For the attainment of the highest wisdom (jnana-siddhi), the cleansing of the consciousness (chitta-suddhi) is the royal path. For the pure in heart, this is easy to achieve. (Sathya Sai Vahini, Ch 1)
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