Love unfolds first on the lap of the mother. The eyes of Love fasten themselves on the caressing face of the mother. It then spreads towards the father, brothers and sisters, kith and kin, friend and playmate, region and language, world and its Maker. The ā€˜Iā€™ that lives within the body is like a lion in a cave. It is the monarch of the forest; but it limits itself to the few square feet of rocky floor. Let it come out, renouncing the petty possession. So long as you crib yourselves into the body-consciousness (I am the body), you are the lion moping in the musty cave! Do not feel, Dehosmi (I am the body). Roar Brahmasmi!(I am Brahman) - I am all this and more, I am all this is, was, and will be. Then the littleness, time, space, ego - all will flee from your heart! You will be Love, Love, Love and nought else. That is to say, you will be Divine, one with the One. (Divine Discourse, Oct 29, 1970)
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