All are actors in the drama designed by Him — dolls dancing and acting as He pulls the strings. The role you have might be that of an officer, a soldier, farmer, beggar or a clerk. Act well your part so that the drama might be a success. Do everything in a spirit of dedication, as if in each moment you act, speak, and even feel in response to a command received. To get that mood of dedication, the Bhakti Sutras (aphorisms on devotion) prescribe nine paths, but the easiest and the most practicable is a life lived in the constant remembrance of the Lord. A bar of iron sinks in water but beat it into a hollow vessel and it will float merrily and even carry some weight. So too, man’s mind sinks easily in the sea of senses; beat it hollow, hammering it with the Name of the Lord. It will float safely on a sea of troubles. (Divine Discourse, Jul 27, 1961)
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