Human life is highly sacred and mysterious. Only God can unravel its mystery. Visweswara (the Lord of the universe) permeates the entire universe. He transcends all descriptions. He is present in you in the form of atma. There is only one path for the realisation of atma. Give up the feeling of ‘mine’. You say ‘this is mine and that is mine’. Once you get rid of such worldly attachment, you will develop purity, steadiness and selflessness. You will be free from suffering, worries and anxiety. Ultimately, you will attain moksha (liberation). Having attained manavatwa (humanness), you should make efforts to rise to the level of Madhavatwa (Divinity). That is your goal. What is the use if you remain in manavatwa forever? You should develop sanmati (pure mind) to rise to the level of the Divine. Unity confers purity which will in turn lead to Divinity. Hence, all of you must stand united. You belong to the human race. You belong to one family. (Divine Discourse, Feb 26, 2006)
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