The value of Name and Form consists in the training that they give to the mind. What need is there to train a horse that is already trained? It is the untrained horse that is tutored through so many methods. Similarly, it is to tame the unruly mind that we have prayer, devotional singing, repetition of the Name, and remembrance of the Name. In the initial stages, the horse runs in many directions, but the trainer does not worry. He should hold fast to the reins. The mind, too, naturally runs in different directions when you begin remembrance and repetition of the Name, but you must not yield to despair, anxiety, or indecision. Hold fast to the reins - the Name (nama)! Within a short time, your speech and thoughts will come under your own grip. Only, do not allow anything to come near you that might make you forget the Name of the Lord. You will realise the profit of that Name in due course. - Dhyana Vahini, Ch 8.
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