In the Gita, the Lord has declared that in humans He is the power of discrimination, Buddhi. Man cannot achieve greatness by the acquisition of all forms of wealth. It is intelligence that makes man respected. One who does not exercise this power of discrimination is no better than birds or beasts; it is to raise man to a higher level that the Divine comes down as Avatar. Avatar means descent. To stoop down to lift up the child to cuddle and to raise man, who is caught up in petty desires and trivial pursuits, Divinity descends to the human level and teaches how one can divinise oneself. This is the teaching of the Gita. All great scriptures, be it The Bible, The Quran and the others have originated for the same purpose. The scriptures by themselves, cannot redeem you. They serve only as guideposts. They indicate the roads to be taken to realise the Divine. (Divine Discourse, Aug 31, 1983)
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