It was just said, all of you are all like boulders, rough and hard, and devotion has the power to make you soft and smooth. Now, what does a sculptor do when he sees a good boulder? He pictures in his mind the lovely idol of God that is sleeping inside it. He becomes possessed with the idea of liberating the idol from the hard clasp of the stone. He takes up his chisel and removes the extra stone that lies around the beautiful figure, and, at last, he liberates the image. The boulder has to suffer all that hard chiselling in order to become the image of God. So too, you should cast off all the impediments, all the encumbrances that drag you down and make you a boulder instead of a devotee, an ascetic of the highest order (Paramahamsa), or even the Supreme Being (Paramatma). (Divine Discourse, Jul 27, 1961)
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