Do not do spiritual practice on and off; do it in an unbroken, disciplined way. Otherwise, it will be like watering a plant for some time, leaving it to go dry and starting again. The centre point between eyebrows on which you are asked to concentrate is not the point where your eyebrows meet in the centre of your forehead; it is a point in your inner awareness, your heart (hridaya). Like celestial damsels that were sent by Indra to break the penance of sages, you will get nine varieties of music during meditation, but do not be elated by that and suspend your meditation. Resolve with a sincere desire to succeed. Even Garuda cannot reach the goal if it does not spread its wings and leap into the sky. So, make a move, put a step forward. That is the immediate task. Your resolve on this day should be to start with a sincere desire to succeed. Light will be shed by the grace of the Lord. The Lord has come to help you. (Divine Discourse, Jul 17, 1962)
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