Prayers of the noble and virtuous act as an invitation even for the advent of the Lord. In the external world, when common people need conveniences, they approach authorities and request them. Similarly, in the internal realm, when there is no possibility of achieving and acquiring devotion, charity, peace and truth, noble and virtuous, who yearn for these to grow, pray to the Lord. Then, listening to their prayers, He Himself comes and showers His grace. This fact is well known. Many would have read in the Ramayana and Bhagavata - Didn’t Rama and Krishna incarnate because the Lord heeded the prayers of sages? Even Saint Ramakrishna, though divinely-born, prayed to Goddess Kali to send someone who could preach to the whole world, the code of conduct (dharma) that would uproot injustice and selfishness. Hence, prayers should be offered again and again for the fulfilment of this task without becoming desperate and giving up, if they don’t yield results immediately. (Prema Vahini, Ch 70)
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