People boast that they have been coming to Puttaparthi for 20, 15 or 10 years as if we have some grades of senior or junior. Really speaking, one has to value only the beneficial changes brought about by that contact in the character and conduct of the individual. How much have you imbibed the lessons learnt from here? How much have you succeeded in stopping the leaks as the outward-faced senses were draining your discrimination and drying up the fountain of inner joy? Eyes scatter your vision in hundred directions; ears drag your mind to many false melodies; hands hanker after hundred flimsy acts; these degrade and demolish man! Man being divine must have divine all around him, all the time, to be alive; like fish, he must have the water of divine joy all around him! Instead, he is now seeking to keep himself alive by artificial respiration and borrowed blood. - Divine Discourse, Nov 23, 1965.
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