The Gita teaches the process of dhyana (meditation) in a neat little formula: mam anusmara yuddhya cha - "Keep Me in your memory and fight!" The cue: to fight the battle of life, with God in the consciousness as the charioteer. It is not merely a direction for Arjuna; it is a prescription for all humanity. "Fix your mind on Me and fight! I shall be the Will behind your will, the eye behind your eye, the brain within your brain, and the breath within your breath. The fight is mine, the might is mine, the trials and triumphs are mine, the fruits of victory are mine, the humiliation of defeat is mine - you are I and I am you." That is the consummation of dhyana - identity, the negation of difference. Do not distinguish this task as bhajan, this task as bhojan (eating), this other task as pujan (adoration of God); all are pujan, acts of worship, for food is given by Him, eaten by Him, for His sake, to yield strength for His work. When He is fused with every breath, you can achieve the sovereign task of merging in Him. - Divine Discourse, Jun 09, 1970.
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