The Guru is needed when you have the Guri (goal or aim in Telugu). If you do not have that urge, what can the teacher do? Strewing precious seeds on sand or rock is a sheer waste! Inner prompting to see light must send aspirants to the teacher or must draw the teacher to wherever the aspirant is. You must inquire and discriminate: Do objects grant happiness? Is anyone happy? How can one be happy through multiplications of desire and frantic efforts to feed the raging fire? At last, you will, by your own experience, discover that happiness is an inner gift, a spiritual treasure that can be won by equanimity. The moon is the presiding deity of the mind; it must shine, cool and comforting, eternally, in fullness, in the inner firmament of the heart (hriday-akasa). The external material moon waxes and wanes, but the internal mind should be trained to stand up against modifications and moods, and have no marks on it; it should always be a full moon for the victorious spiritual aspirant! (Divine Discourse, Jul 17, 1962)
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