The period from childhood to adolescence need not be taken seriously or worried about much. With the dawn of adolescence, one enters the first hazy uncertain stage and engages in many fruitless activities. Later, one attains ripeness and strength. It is when one has reached this intermediate stage that one must yearn for the fulfillment that is possible in the final stage. In the rules for penance too, this law is observed. At first, ritual worship is associated with the Divine Energy (Shakti), and the subsequent stage of worship is connected with Siva. That is to say, the period when one is under the care of the mother is over and the period of paternal care — the protection of the Renovator and Guardian of the Universe, Siva — is reached. In intermediate stages, one will have certain natural propensities and tendencies that aren’t desirable and must be eschewed. These are conceit, mischievousness, obstinacy, inquisitiveness, lust, greed, shame, fear, vengefulness, disgust, etc. As long as one has these, one can’t surrender oneself to Siva. - Dhyana Vahini, Ch 9.
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