The real renunciation is to give oneself away. Then, the guru will grant freedom to follow one’s own will, as Krishna did. “Beloved Arjuna! As you will, so you act (Yathechchasi, thathaa kuru). Think well. And do as you like,” Krishna told him. He meant that He had given him all the advice he needed and had also accepted the ego Arjuna had discarded. So, Arjuna could now be granted freedom to act as he willed, for his will has become His. The individual who has reached this level has to be given freedom. The guru should not mercilessly order the pupil simply because the pupil has dedicated everything to him. The guru should not turn into a person who steals wealth (vittha-apahari) but should be a person who steals hearts! The guru has to be an alarm timepiece. The guru must wake up those who are enveloped in the sleep of ignorance and reward them with teachings on the knowledge of their Atmic Reality. (Vidya Vahini, Ch 12)
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