What is Sadhana, fundamentally? It is upavasam, upasana. ‘Upa’ means near, ‘Asana’ means sitting, and ‘Vasam’ means residing. We sit near a cooler so that we may feel cool. We sit near God, so that we might derive some Godly qualities and get rid of ungodly characteristics. God is not an external contrivance or convenience like the air cooler. He is the Antaryamin, the Inner Director, the Inner Reality, the Unseen Basis on which all this seeable world is built. He is like the fire-principle that is latent in wood, which can be made manifest, when one piece is rubbed vigorously against another. The heat that is produced consumes the wood in fire! Satsang (Company of the good and the godly) makes you meet with other individuals of like nature, and creates the contact that manifests the Inner Fire. Sat-sang means meeting the Sat, the Sat (Truth) which is spoken of while extolling God as Sat-chit-ananda. (Divine Discourse, May 10, 1969)
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