From today try to cleanse your heart of whatever impurities there may be in it! How is this to be done? One, by meditating on God. Secondly, by service to society. By these two alone, purity of the heart is achieved. If you secure the love of God, you can secure anything. There is love in you. Use it to win the love of God. Pray for God's love and bliss. Embodiments of love! Many pray to God all over the world. They pray for the realisation of worldly desires of one kind or another. This is not the right kind of prayer. You should pray to God for the grace of His love. That love is everlasting. It is infinite. God has another attribute. He is the embodiment of bliss. He is Sat-Chit-Aananda (Being-Awareness-Bliss). Pray to God to confer that bliss on you. God's bliss is boundless and everlasting. All mundane pleasures are transient and ephemeral. (Divine Discourse, Apr 07, 1997)
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