Man is a triune composite of body, mind, and spirit (Atma). As a consequence, man has three natures in his make-up: (1) a low, animal nature, (2) a human nature, replete with worldly knowledge and skill, and (3) the genuine nature of man, namely, divine, the Atmic nature. Becoming aware of this third nature and establishing oneself in it — this is spiritual education (vidya). The body is a machine with five elements as its components: space, air, fire, water, and earth. God is playing with it, Himself unseen. The body is a tree; love of Self is the root; desires are the branches it sends forth; qualities, attributes, and modes of behaviour based on basic nature are the flowers issuing therefrom; and joy and grief are the fruits it offers. The human body is a world in itself. The blood flows through and animates every part of the body. God flows in and through and activates every spot in the world! (Vidya Vahini, Ch 5)
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