Peace is the nursery of all happiness and all joy. Thyagaraja knew this, for he sang, “No peace, no happiness”. All men need it, whoever they are, be they self-restrained men or vedantins, ascetics or scholars, pious men or philosophers. But people are unable to stand still even for a moment! Absence of mere anger cannot be taken as peace. The winning of a desired object and the satisfaction one then gets should not be confused with peace. The peace that has pervaded the heart must not be shaken subsequently for any reason; only that type of peace (shanti) deserves to be called supreme peace (prasanthi). Supreme peace has no ups and downs; it cannot be partial in adversity and complete in prosperity. It cannot be one thing today and another tomorrow. Always maintaining the same even flow of bliss (ananda), that is supreme peace. (Prasanthi Vahini, Ch 1)
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