Peace is of the nature of Atma. Atma is imperishable. It doesn’t die, like the body and mind. It is universal, subtle; its very nature is knowledge. So, peace also partakes of these characteristics. Knowledge of Atma destroys illusion, doubt, and sorrow. Hence, knowledge of Atma confers the steadiest peace and, with it, holiness and happiness. The Atma is not the object of knowledge; it is the very source and spring of knowledge. Spiritual wisdom (jnana) is that which shows the way to the ripening, fruition, freedom, immortality, eternal happiness, and eternal peace. Those who are carried away by the vagaries of the senses cannot attain the Atma. Brahman is the one, ever Unchanging in this changing world. The Atma is untarnished by external transformations, changes, or modifications. The glory of the body is not the Atma; Atma is, really speaking, indescribable and inexpressible. It is neither this nor that. It can be said to be only It, Atma, Brahman! (Prashanthi Vahini, Ch 2)
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