Dhyana (Meditation on the Name and Form of God) shouldn’t be vacillating or wavering from one ideal to another. It shouldn’t be reduced to mere mechanical textbook formulae, rigid timetables of breathing through alternate nostrils, or meaningless stares at the tip of the nose. It’s a rigorous discipline of the senses, nervous current, and wings of imagination. That is why it’s said, dhyana is the valley of peace that lies on the other side of a huge mountain range, with the peaks named “Six Foes”. These are lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride and envy. One must climb over the range and reach plains beyond. One has to tear the veils before the light can shine on the path. One must remove the cataract from the eye so that Truth can be seen. Maya is the name of that mist of ignorance, that torments the mind which seeks to plunge into the depths of the Self! - Divine Discourse, Jun 09, 1970.
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