Many are not even aware of the meaning of the phrase supreme peace (prasanthi). It is the backbone of an individual and, for every spiritual aspirant (sadhaka), their very breath. The word is taken by each to mean something different. Many feel they have peace when some worldly desire that was vexing them is satisfied! But that is not real peace; it is only a temporary short-lived interval between one worry and another. The syllable ‘pra’ in Prasanthi means expanding, enlarging (vikasa), so Prasanthi means that type of peace, that is to say, the absence of desire, anger, greed, and hatred! Supreme peace means peace attained by successful elimination of qualities grouped under desire (kama) and anger (krodha). This process of elimination, called ‘developing equanimity (sama)’, is very essential for all. All spiritual aspirants must be constantly engaged in practicing it. (Prasanthi Vahini, Ch 1)
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