The progress of modern technology, by polluting the atmosphere with carbon dioxide smoke, is causing a threat to life on earth. This smoke has already created a hole in the ozone ring above the earth which has been serving as a protecting cover against harmful radiation from the Sun. If the ozone layer is destroyed, the effect of the Sun's rays may be disastrous. All nations are now worried about this threat. All that needs to be done to avert this danger is to reduce the pollution of the atmosphere caused by automobiles and industrial effluents. Economy in the use of every natural resource is vital. Pollution of the air has many evil consequences. The Navaratri celebration is an occasion for revering Nature and also for considering how natural resources can be used properly in the best interests of mankind. Resources like water, air, power and minerals should be used properly and not misused or wasted (Divine Discourse, Sep 27, 1992)
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