The education process (vidya) teaches that the cosmos is a manifestation of the Lord’s sport and nothing else. The Upanishads declare this truth thus: This world is the residence of the Lord: Isavasyam idam Jagat. Therefore, no one can entertain a sense of personal possession or even a trace of egotism. Renounce the feeling of attachment and feel the presence of the Lord everywhere! Welcome the spiritual bliss (ananda) that the Lord, as the embodiment of spiritual bliss, confers on you and experience it with thankfulness and without being bound by desire. This is the message of the sages and seers (rishis). Give up the feelings “I” and “you”; only then can you understand the glory of that which is neither “I” nor “mine”. This does not involve your renouncing everything. The real teaching (vidya) directs that the world be dealt with as duty demands, but in a spirit of detachment, avoiding entanglement. (Vidya Vahini, Ch 1)
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