Just as people squeeze juice out of the fibrous cane and drink only the sweetness, just as the bee sucks the honey in the flower regardless of its symmetry and colour, just as the moth flies toward the brightness of the flame, ignoring the heat and the inevitable catastrophe, so also the spiritual seeker (sadhaka) should yearn to imbibe the expression of the emotion of tenderness, pity, and compassion with which the Ramayana is saturated, paying no heed to other subjects. When a fruit is eaten, we throw away the skin, seeds, and fibre. It is in the very nature of Nature that fruits have these components! Nevertheless, no one eats them on the plea that one paid for them! So too, in this Rama fruit called Ramayana, the tales of demons, ogres and the like (rakshasas) form the rind; the wicked deeds of these evil people are the hard indigestible seeds; sensory and worldly descriptions and events are the not-too-tasty fibrous stuff - they are all sheaths for the juicy nourishment. (Rama Katha Rasavahini, Ch 1, “Rama – Prince & Principle”)
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