When Narada once asked Sri Ramachandra about the nature and characteristics of His servants and spiritual aspirants, He answered, “They are full of love; they always stand by righteousness; they speak the truth; their hearts melt with mercy; they are devoid of wrong; they avoid sin; their nature is well-founded; they will renounce everything gladly; they eat in moderation; they are engaged in doing good to others; they have no selfishness; they aren’t worried by doubts. They won’t lend their ears to flattery but are eager to listen to the praise of the good nature of others. They have beautiful, strong, and holy character. Spiritual aspirants are those who endeavour to acquire such qualities. Now I shall tell you about those who are dear to Me: Anyone who is engaged in repetition of the name, penance, and vows, anyone who has self-control and discipline, anyone who has faith, patience, comradeship, kindness and joy as well as unalloyed love towards Me — such a person is dear to Me.” (Prema Vahini, Ch 48)
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