In a piece of cloth, when the threads are taken out, only the cotton remains and if the cotton is burnt the cloth ceases to exist. Similarly, when desires are eliminated, the "I" and the mind will go. It has been said that destruction of the mind is the means to the realisation of God. The cessation of the mind can be definitely brought about by the gradual elimination of desires, like the removal of threads from a cloth. Finally, desires have to be consumed in the fire of detachment (Vairagya). Look upon life as one long railway journey. In this journey, it is not good to carry heavy luggage. There are stations on the way like Arti (suffering), Artharthi (desire for objects), jignasu (yearning for understanding) and Jnani (Self-realisation). The less luggage one carries the more easily and quickly one can get through various stages and reach the destination. The primary requisite, therefore, is the eradication of desires. (Divine Discourse, Oct 12, 1983)
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