Peace is the characteristic of the mind of humans. That is its innate quality. In searching for peace there is no need to go anywhere else. Just as gold and silver lie hidden under the earth, and pearl and coral under the sea, peace and joy lie hidden in the activities of the mind. Desirous of acquiring these hidden treasures, if one dives and turns mental activities inward, one becomes full of love. Only one who has so filled oneself with love and who lives in the light of that love can be called human. Those devoid of love are demons, monsters, and subhumans. Remember, the holy quality of love will not remain unmanifested off and on; it will be ever present, without change. It is one and indivisible. Those saturated with love are incapable of spite, selfishness, injustice, wrong, and misconduct. Good people are full of love (prema). Their hearts are springs of mercy. They are endowed with truth in speech. (Prema Vahini, Ch 47)
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