Take proper care of your body and always contemplate on the selfless, pure, and steady Atmic principle. You are a member of society. Your welfare depends on the welfare of society. So aspire for the well-being of one and all. May all the beings in all the worlds be happy! Eschew narrow-mindedness; cultivate broad feelings to experience bliss. Embodiments of Love! New Year brings with it some good results also. New Year is not celebrated merely to partake of delicious dishes. You must imbibe sacred feelings and resolve to lead a fruitful life. The good and bad of the world depends on your conduct, which in turn depends on your thoughts. So develop good thoughts. Only then will you be able to lead a noble life. Set an ideal to your fellowmen. Give them happiness. Show compassion towards them. Talk to them lovingly. This is possible when you acquire Divine love. So strive to become recipients of Divine love. Chant His Name wholeheartedly! (Divine Discourse, Mar 26, 2001)
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