I am concerned with the spiritual arts, the finest arts, rather than the fine arts. I want spiritually elevating subjects to be depicted in dance, like Radha and Krishna and their sublime relationship, which is beyond the ken of people. One must give up themes such as drunkards, evil men, power-drunk personalities, and clowns, which cater to vulgar tastes. Adjust all items of dance and dramatic representation to the spiritual urge in humanity; foster it, fertilise it, and take people a little nearer to the Goal. The human being is a compound of animal and angel, we can say. The human has in it the wolf, the monkey, the bullock, the jackal, the snake, the peacock, the bear —but beneath all these, the pure spark of Divinity is there too. It is the duty of all who cater to the senses to transform the low values that are now pervading and transmute them into higher values. (Divine Discourse, Dec 14, 1963)
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