Praise and censure are reflections of the inner being. A virtuous person never criticises others; only the mean indulge in such unsacred activities. The color you see depends on the color of glasses you wear. Wear the glasses of love, and you will see love all around. Do not attach importance to criticism. If someone criticizes you loudly, it goes into thin air. If they accuse you silently, it goes to themselves. Are they criticising your body? The body is inert. Are they criticising the Atma? If so, the same Atma dwells in both and hence amounts to criticising themselves! A true seeker of truth will realise this fact! Take time to recognise the hundred faults present within yourself. Instead, why do you seek to point out the most insignificant fault in others? The bad in you reflects as the bad in others. Choose to correct yourself first! Only then will your mind become pure. Thus always develop sacred thoughts! (Divine Discourse, Nov 23, 1998)
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