Enquiry into the nature of Mind will reveal that it has no existence apart from thoughts that arise through sense organs. Hence sages declared: Sankalpa Vikalpathmakam Manaha - Thoughts and doubts constitute the essence of mind. To bring the mind under control we have to free ourselves from the entire process of mental agitation. If we want to take a bath in the sea which is agitated by waves, we cannot afford to wait till the waves subside and the sea is calm. Likewise, it will be foolish to wait for the agitations in the mind to cease for experiencing divine bliss. By constant rumination over one's sensory experiences the mind acquires a form. By relating the experiences to the ā€˜Iā€™ as the experiencer, the consciousness of a distinctive individual (the Ego) arises. From that, desires develop and from the desires the mind acquires a form. (Divine Discourse, Oct 12, 1983)
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