Today, you may feel you have no need of the Lord, but when the pangs of hunger gnaw, you start pining for food. Therefore, wash your hearts with tears of joy so that the Lord might install Himself therein. A zamindar may own all the fields up to the very horizon on all sides, but he will deign to sit only on a patch that is clean! In the same way, when the Lord chooses the heart of a devotee, it does not mean that all other hearts are not His. They are not clean, that is all He means. He is everywhere, everything is His, His gaze is on all. If God was not all this how could they shine, or exist even as much as they do now? Therefore, have full faith in God and in yourselves. Engage always in good deeds and beneficial activities; speak the truth, do not inflict pain by word or deed or even thought. That is the way to gain peace (Shanti); that is the highest gain that you can earn in this life. - Divine Discourse, Sep 01, 1958.
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